Proudly presented by the United States Marine Corps, the Semper Fidelis All-American Program recognizes high school students who face life’s battles with the conviction and determination to succeed. These students embody the same fighting spirit that Marines stand for by taking on the challenges of succeeding academically while bettering their communities and excelling in athletics and extracurricular activities.Participants attended a 3 day event in Washington, D.C. Where they heard from professional athletes, successful business owners and Marines about the battles they've overcome. My partner and I were tasked with branding this program and finding ways to have constant brand attention while the students were at these public events including: a trip to Under Armor, a Baltimore Orioles game, a scavenger hunt at the National Mall and lastly a day of community service.

Social media post shows how more of the branding was incorporated while participates were at events.

Social media post from the participants of Battles Won Academy.

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