Pact5 is an organization working to end sexual assault on college campuses. We started the Red Tape Project to empower victims by raising awareness in universities across the country.

Pact5 will distribute posters on major college campuses. 
Mattress Tags:
These Red Tape sponsored mattress tags will be placed in students dorms rooms before move in day.
Pact5 will distribute entry wristbands to bars and concert venues in college towns. Every fourth wristband will be bright red to symbolize the one in four chance women have of being sexually assaulted while in college. All of the bands will have a fact or statistic about sexual assault. 
Tinder bot:
On college campuses Tinder is a popular application. Pact5 would work with tinder to have every 4th profile depicting a highly intoxicated individual. Messages would then be sent to the matched individual telling a story, to grab even more attention. The recipient could then visit the profile and read more information on sexual assault and how they can help lower the numbers through

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